Focused on:

  • Highlighting the problems at the infrastructure level and the submission of proposals in order to have a thorough review, upgrading and improvement of infrastructures’ functioning.


  • Reporting the ways and mechanisms that will be recruited in order to upgrade the position of Greece and enhance the country with a properly prepared mechanism to attract large and credible investments, considering that the domain of research and production of H/C, is a high-tech and capital intensive sector and has a high risk of failed investments.


  • Proposal of an applied strategy for investors, since the minimum requirements have to be applied according to which investors will then show the appropriate interest and successfully proceed to participate in relevant competitions for E&P of H/C.


  • Recording of the progressive method for the acceleration of procedures (with reduced bureaucracy) and application of the fundamental principles of R&P that are applied worldwide. Substantially, ways of adapting these procedures that are applied already worldwide have to be examined.


  • Setting the appropriate conditions for passing the torch to the new generation, as it is highly observed that nowadays, geoscientists that have intensively worked on E&P of H/C in our country are retired without accomplishing their desire of transmitting all their 40years gained experience towards new generation; Unique know-how, that is not taught in universities, nor can be found in textbooks, rare and in its majority 'confidential' for industrial research, applied through various technological methods and expertise knowledge that can be used whenever it is not known towards operators.


  • Raising awareness of the conditions under which investors, scientists and employees can cooperate effectively. On top of it, we will have the opportunity to invite them at the same Round Tables and ask them to inform us on the immediate improvements of our country’s infrastructure in order to best establish the appropriate legal framework of the necessary framework and efficiently turn the country into a magnet for large and credible investments.


  • Detailed information regarding the gradual and intensive preparation of employees and their representatives in order to respond to a new role imposed by the Directive 2013/30 / E.U., meaning their participation in the tripartite relevant committee (State, Investors, Employees). This procedure will be implemented in our country and requires continuous and intensive training.


  • Enumeration and identification of the ways with which the most experienced people should educate us of the proper planning in order to prevent and/or confront any explosion accidents, environmental pollution and proper operation of the equipment as well as a number of processes required for the safe operation of facilities, for the ultimate safety and hygiene of employees.


  • Scientific promotion of the H/C potential of the H/C in Greece after the scientific justification and evaluation of existing data.


  • Determination of thoughts and proposals regarding the cooperation with environmental organizations; it is well known, that very often, due to lack of   appropriate information, various social groups react against the activities for E&P of oil in their neighborhood.


  • Determination of rules highly the protection of employees and the environment in an absolute touristic country, which does not have similar experience and proper infrastructure and where the strict implementation of the regulations and relevant legislation are required.


  • Information of the new generation for thousands of new vacancies created by the healthy development of this unique of its kind added value implementations over a large range of industrial activities.


  • Disclosure of applied methods for procedures, as well as for infrastructures and mechanisms that will eventually be adopted in order to prevent any similar situation as the current one that the country faces on a financial level.


  • Thorough and in-depth awareness of our country's political leadership by connoisseur’s scientists.