The EETI is a non-profit, private body, operating independently and uniquely through public/private partnerships. The 'General Meeting' is the Institute's highest instrument consisting from the total of partners. Any partner who has fulfilled its financial obligations may participate in it with one vote.

The Institute is directed by the Board of Directors assisted by executive and advisory committees on various subjects, which are comprised of representatives from all its member organizations, portraying high-level experience directly from the diversified Petroleum Industry.

The Board of Directors is responsible for approving the overall strategy decisions, while the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for the day-to-day operations within the strategic framework approved by the Board. He represents the Company judicially and extra-judicially against any authority or third party. Other appointments have also been foreseen, such as: Scientific Director, Administrative and Public Relations Managers, Financial Manager, Auditors, as well as a number of other executives for the special operations of the Institute.

Finally, the visitor of the site can be informed about the internal structure of the Institute, by looking at the following Organizational Chart of EETI.