Message from the CEO


Dear All

In a competitive world a modern professional body, like EETI, is a vital partner for any individual or organization. EETI stands by the side of any individual who wishes to control his/her career and the ability to influence his/her future. It also stays on the side of any organization in the process of taking a leading role in the relevant energy community and using productively available industry knowledge. EETI will strive to bring south Europe’s complex Industry environment and its contribution to social welfare closer to the northern European policymakers. The White Paper on EU refining is a cornerstone for EETI, a guide and a comprehensive study providing a strong background on how our industry operates and contributes to the EU energy supply and economic welfare. The White Paper aims also at developing a valuable and realistic contribution to the EU energy debate in order to meet the triple challenge of sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply as oil & gas will continue to represent a major part of the EU energy mix in the next decades while aspiring to a resource-efficient society. The petroleum – energy industry fully recognizes the need to respond to the community demand to live and work in a safe and healthy environment. EETI’s members will dedicate continuous efforts in the prevention or minimization of risks affecting the environment and in the supply of high quality products and services in the most safe, economic and efficient manner. EETI relies on robust scientific and professional experience and knowledge in order to support its vision throughout Europe and offer thusly high quality services as the industry requests. EETI is a 'Club' of Oil & Gas Professionals, for them to discuss their problems, exchange ideas and proceed to efficient solutions for themselves, their country, technological development, the environment, the industry workforce and all relevant state bodies by employing international experience and best practices. EETI is the place for all its Members to come together and express their ideas and methods of improvements at every sector of industry. Through our Advisory Panels we will provide strategic oversight of the activities of the EETI to guide and support the development of fact-based knowledge and information, thus "keeping an eye" in the market. Because the EETI will essentially consist a professional network built for oil and gas professionals in order to re-connect the colleagues, share their expertise, and stay on top of the latest news.

On the other hand, the Advisory Committees of the EETI and through the Institute’s Knowledge Service Activities, we will develop an Internship Program already designed to provide young professionals and recent graduates with work experience in the energy sector. Each internship will be focused on a specific project within a particular subject area. The topic and duration of each project is usually based on criteria agreed among the relevant Advisory Panel, the University and the Industry. The projects will be oriented to providing opportunities to network, undertaking subject-specific research, writing up reports, engaging EETI members on policy and other pertinent issues, and disseminating information through various media channels.

I believe that our Institute has been established in the right time frame, since the activities of the petroleum industry have started already in the Mediterranean and are going to quickly expand. This is due to the recently 'deep sea drilling technology' achieved, which is present and applicable- and will definitely be implemented to the EEZ of all peri-Mediterranean countries. Therefore, I strongly believe that the time has arrived for us -as being the most professionals in the industry market- to get drastically activated with a lot of actions we need to essentially participate and be heard.

Kind regards,

Dr. Marios Patsoules
Chief Petroleum Geologist - Reservoir Engineer