EETI's immediate plans are directly focused to the role, status and contribution of energy professionals in the Upstream, Midstream & Downstream sectors of Oil & Gas Ind the following strategic objectives:


  • To promote us try, by pursuing high professional standards
  • To conduct research for the safety of improved conditions in the field of industrial relations and on socio-economic topics
  • To design conferences, seminars, workshops about energy industry and people issues, focused in the entire spectrum of the Petroleum Industry
  • To organize and further improve a network with affiliated institutes and chambers both in Greece and other countries for relevant services to southeastern Europe and Mediterranean
  • To create task forces consisted of energy professionals for the materialization of selected/innovative projects with direct applications in the real world of industry
  • To participate in the creation of a negotiation channel for the attraction of investors in the area of Southeast Europe
  • To assist the Government to establish the new infrastructures necessary for the successful application of E&P principles and other technological advancements with respect to a wide range of environmental issues
  • To monitor European policy developments of strategic importance for the world of labour
  • To offer training and lifetime learning -with real 'study visits' to industrial installations- to members of the industry, the governmental executives and ministry employees by ensuring the provision of state-of-the-art energy education
  • To provide a forum for debate that will facilitate the development and dissemination of energy knowledge and best practice
  • To work in partnership with industries along the world’s economy oil & gas value chain and exchange views and best practices with international counterparties.
  • To contact with other industry sectors and engage in dialogue with civil society.
  • To avoid mistakes and misfires due to "Lessons Learnt" communicated
  • To design and promote innovative Projects at a European level with financial support originating directly from the Oil & Gas Industry, as well as the European Commission Programs.
  • To discover and demonstrate new more efficient technologies and processes, directly chosen by the Industry (companies and trade unions)
  • To concentrate on delivering solutions that will make a real difference for the continuous improvement of industrial products and commodities integrity
  • To deliver on all of our commitments to all of our stakeholders
  • To inspire young scientists to work on sustainable innovations in the highly important oil industry
  • To respond to government consultations by giving evidence to parliamentary committees when requested
  • To maintain day-to-day contact with key government officials and to professionally inform ministers who have a strong interest in, or are otherwise connected to skills policy issues.