A successful linkage between the Petroleum Industry and Trade Unions on the one hand and the Political Parties and Governmental Officials on the other, under the umbrella of the European Union Policies and the relevant Institutes of Northern Europe, for the achievement of common targets. These targets will be focused to establishing the necessary infrastructures and providing the Balkan area, Southeast Europe and Mediterranean region with affordable, secure, sustainable energy, as well as, advanced technological knowledge as achieved in Northern European countries, for the present and future generations. Finally, best practices and environmental impact assessment for the protection of workers, the environment and the natural resources will be promoted together with the development and dissemination of knowledge about changes in living and working conditions, societal participation and a range of social and economic settings.

EETI will supply decision makers and organizations at a national and southeastern European level, with critical and action - oriented research on working life and social policy within the industry's environment. This is due to already established cooperation with a broad range of academic, institutional and industrial networks, as well as through a continuous dialogue with clients and end-users of our community.