Retail Market

retailMarketThe global motor fuel market is dominated by the oil companies (NOC – National Oil Companies and IOC – International Oil Companies) which control the raw material and manage stable alliances designed to monitor the various stages of the fuel supply chain. Where distribution is concerned, the large oil companies are being threatened by the expansion of large retailers that, particularly in certain European countries, now occupy important positions. EETI is planning to conduct relevant studies and symposia in order to analyze the discrepancies met in this market.

We know well that Retail marketing in today's oil industry is not only about fuels and lubes. Ever more discerning customers need a wider range of goods and services. Increasing competition is putting margins under pressure. The Institute works on issues you will like to learn on how to manage objectives and resources professionally. We may together explore the circumstances and problems affecting the retail oil industry and consider the solutions available to wholesalers and retailers. We plan to deal with fundamentals affecting supply, marketing and retailing of fuels and associated goods and services, and how technology can help secure success in the market place and especially the price of each product.