1. Exploration & Production

Working in the petroleum industry provides a high paying career and exciting opportunities for employment throughout the world. The need for trained operators and technicians continues to increase as oil and gas production volumes and reserve estimates have increased significantly in the Med and peri-Mediterranean region.

 upstream photo 00Global Petroleum renews its licence offshore Namibia

1. Exploration

The search for Oil & Gas deposits.

Hydrocarbon or Petroleum (Oil & Gas) exploration is the search by Petroleum Geoscientists (such as geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, micro-paleontologists, sedimentologists petrophysicists etc) for Oil & Gas deposits, by using advanced technologies developed by the Petroleum Industry. The services to be offered by the Institute, include parts of the relevant activities such as:


 What is Petroleum Engineering 11

 Exploration methods:

  • Elements of a petroleum prospect
  • Exploration risk
  • Basin and prospect evaluation
  • Petroleum system definition
  • Licensing
  • Reserves and resources studies (Oil & Gas Reserves, Proved reserves, Probable reserves, Possible reserves) etc.
  • Field development
  • Drilling
  • Reservoir geology, etc

2. Production

Methods Of Oil Production

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A successful exploration stage leads to the discovery of oil or gas deposits valuable to be produced. Petroleum and production engineers handle the daily management of oil and gas production operations and help to maximize profitability by increasing revenue and lowering operating expenses.
Production engineer responsibilities include:

  • Production monitoring and evaluation
  • Asset management planning
  • Workover design and execution
  • Production equipment design
  • Cost estimating and budgeting
  • Interfacing with working interest partners, service companies and regulatory agencies

Oil extraction and recovery can be achieved by using various methods for the best reservoir performance. The very basic ones through which more and more oil can be produced, are the following quite complicated and expensive, but certainly leading to higher rates of production.

Photos: Primary recovery - Secondary recovery - Enhanced recovery