About EETI Membership

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The Institute may accept as its Members:

Bodies and natural persons who havean established scientific or professional involvement on issues of research, technologies or technical experience in the relevant industry, or energy sector, as well as health, safety, environment, project implication, including undergraduate and postgraduate students. Membership is possible for anyone involved and interested for the energy sector from any position.


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How to become a member of EETI: In order to become a member of the European Energy Technology Institute, you need to fill the application form provided here. Applications are to be submitted to EETI online or via post at EETI's offices. Membership applications are examined by the Executive Committee, which decides upon acceptance. Normally, one committee member and one ordinary member must second an application for membership. In the case of individual members, i.e. physical persons, - and since secondment may be difficult sometimes- applicants are requested to submit their CV together with their application. This will facilitate the Executive Committee in examining and approving applications by individuals. In the case of corporate membership upon acceptance EETI issues a relevant invoice. The Executive Committee of EETI has the right to refuse an application without offering any explanation if it is decided so. Membership fees are paid to EETI's bank account or via PayPal. Details to be provided upon approval.

All candidates for Membership (excluding Companies), are obliged together with the submission of their application form to pay the amount of 50 Euros (20 Euros for students) as a Registration fee.

Companies are requested to come in contact with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any advertisements or announcements would like to be suspended on the website of EETI.



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In this section all the Institute's Members will have direct communication and involvement to EETI' s issues through specific codes provided for certain services, involvements in Committeesor specific studies, works or responsibilities.