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Herodotus Postcard

The most amazing moment for an Oil geoscientist can be a visit at the Herodotus oil seep, at Keri location of Zakynthos island in the Ionian Sea. On site, it will be easy to understand the explanation of the hydrodynamic conditions caused the creation and existence of that oil spring, as presented on the Herodotus Card. An experienced petroleum geologist will also easily understand that the 2.500 years old text, given at that time by the greatest Greek Historian Herodotus as the first ever reference to the oil occurrence in the world, could have been given by a hypothetical previous historian, maybe 2.5 million years ago for the same geological reasons existing in the area. This site provides the most surprising event for a petroleum geologist visiting the place and imagining that from that unique place, the petroleum era began.

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